Seeing “my people”

It has been almost two months since I last wrote a blog post…in the meantime I have been to 4 states, over 15 airports, and have had lots of adventures that I will work to write blog posts on!

But to start, I want to write about one of the best visits you can have–a trip home.

I had my vacation two weeks ago, and went home for the first time since June.

Some things–my own bed, drawers (instead of a suitcase) full of clothes, and being back in my room full of sentimental things–were comforts of home that were much appreciated after two months on the road and many months away. However, unsurprisingly, being reunited with my family and friends was the best part.

Being apart from them taught me how I had taken the easy communication and time with them for granted. I could Skype with my parents on Sundays or chat on the phone quickly while I was walking to class while in college.

As for my friends, the ability to walk down the hall of my dorm or chapter house and see and talk with my best friends, to walk into the local coffee store on campus and now that sooner or later, someone from the newspaper would also walk in, was also something I took for granted.

I spent countless hours in meetings with my Senate friends, and it was a given that I would see them again in a matter of a few days.

Time differences and work schedules make communication hard–most times it is a random Snapchat or long overdue text response (from me), rather than phone calls or video chats.

All of this made seeing almost my entire family extra special. Two of my cousins got married, and I was able to see both sides of my family and celebrate two amazing couples.

I also made a surprise trip to Lehigh, making it a week where I saw more of “my people” than ever.

My best friend was the only person who knew I was coming, so experiencing everyone’s reactions when I found friends on campus was the funniest and best thing. My sister-daughter/little looked at me confusedly in the library when I interrupted her studying, my little-little jumped on me, quite literally, and one of my newspaper friends kept saying “it’s really you!”

I also got to watch the Senate admin forum, hang out at press night, see administrators who have been mentors to me, have lunch at the Alpha Gam house, and dinner at my favorite restaurant with my best friend, making it the most perfect 24 hours at Lehigh.

Visiting home and Lehigh reminded me of how many amazing, loving people I have in my life, and how lucky and blessed I am to have this support system. I miss them dearly every day, but seeing them put me on cloud nine.

It also reminds me of a quote that really resonated with me from the LeaderShape email blast a few weeks ago–

“I am part of all I have met.” –Alfred Lord Tennyson

All of these people have impacted me and inspired me, and are a part of me, and for that, I am really lucky.


Adventure is out there

Tomorrow, I leave to start my first job as a Leadership Consultant for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I fly to Indianapolis for TLC (The Leadership Conference), a fraternity-wide* conference which this year is focused around recruitment. Training for the position starts right after, and we hit the road in August to visit and support chapters in the United States and Canada.

I am excited beyond belief because this is my dream job and I am working for an organization that has impacted my life in such a monumental way. I am also nervous because goodbyes are terrible and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I won’t see my family until October (going to college an hour and a half away from home had its perks, the biggest of which was I could see my family every few weeks).

This blog will chronicle my travels and adventures throughout the next year. I hope to post somewhat regularly, but we have a busy schedule so I will do my best! (on a related note, this site once hosted my study abroad blog, which can still be found below).

One of the things that I have been doing while going through stuff in my room is setting aside photos, some sentimental things, and letters and notes that friends and advisors have given me for encouragement and a sense of home while I am traveling. Two of my best friends, Rachel and Shannon, also gave me letters to send me off with–Rachel a letter as a graduation gift and Shannon a bundle of letters for me to open at specific occasions throughout the year. I am really lucky to have such great friends and can’t wait to read (and reread) the notes while on the road. 🙂

Coincidentally, the NPC (National Panhellenic Conference, the representative group of all inter/national Panhellenic sororities) re-did a video for potential new members recently as well. I watched the first version of the video during the fall of my freshman year of college when I was a PNM, and it gave me goosebumps. The video touched on many of the things that I was hoping to get out of a sorority–sisterhood, empowerment, support, love.  Watching it four years later, it gave me goosebumps again, but this time because I have gained these things during my time as a collegian and now have the opportunity to continue my personal growth and impact many college women as an LC.

*Alpha Gam was founded before the word “sorority” was used, which is why we are a women’s fraternity.

Welcome to the newly rebranded blog!

I am no longer abroad, but do not worry–this blog will not be ending!  As a diligent 21st century journalism student and blogger enthusiast, I will be continuing this blog as an interactive resume (you can find links to articles of mine under the “Other works” page) and general blog about any and all things that I find interesting–politics, college-related topics, current events, social media developments, food recipes, crafting, art, and general musings about life.

My interests are sometimes eclectic so hopefully all visitors to this site will find something interesting.  I will try to blog two or three times a week although it will be harder once I move back to school and have a busy weekly schedule.

If you have any feedback or comments (constructive criticism is appreciated and generous compliments will provide a self-confidence boost!)  there is a comment form on the “About Me” page.