Training Update #2

We leave shortly for the airport for our first visits! I am headed to the University of Georgia to help our Gamma Alpha chapter with recruitment preparation (known as Polish Week). Training has really flown by and I feel like I just got to Indy, and now it is time to leave!

Here are some highlights from the last few weeks of training:

  • We attended the FEA Field Staff conference in downtown Indianapolis, which is a conference for consultants in NPC and NIC (National Panhellenic Council and National Interfraternity Conference).  There were 15 sororities in attendance and and over 20 fraternities, and it was really fun to meet and network with consultants from other organizations. We also learned a lot about current trends and updates in NPC and NIC, tips for life on the road and how to better our chapters, and had an etiquette session, which was really fun.
  • We learned about extension (the process of starting a new colony on a campus) and I’m so excited to put all of this into action at Kansas State and then at Tufts.
  • On our last day of training, we visited a nursing home in the morning to spend time with the residents there. We did an exercise class and trivia game, and it was a lot of fun spending time with them.
  • Last night, our Executive Director Wendy invited us over to her house for an LC send-off dinner. Some former LCs came too, and it was a really great way to wrap up the summer.

We also spent a lot of time preparing for our upcoming visits, and I can’t wait to meet all of these women and put all of the things that we learned the past seven weeks into action!


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