Welcome to the newly rebranded blog!

I am no longer abroad, but do not worry–this blog will not be ending!  As a diligent 21st century journalism student and blogger enthusiast, I will be continuing this blog as an interactive resume (you can find links to articles of mine under the “Other works” page) and general blog about any and all things that I find interesting–politics, college-related topics, current events, social media developments, food recipes, crafting, art, and general musings about life.

My interests are sometimes eclectic so hopefully all visitors to this site will find something interesting.  I will try to blog two or three times a week although it will be harder once I move back to school and have a busy weekly schedule.

If you have any feedback or comments (constructive criticism is appreciated and generous compliments will provide a self-confidence boost!)  there is a comment form on the “About Me” page.