Pont des Arts

Paris is famous for the “lock bridges” where you write the initials of you and your significant other on a lock and put it on the bridge to signify your lasting love.

However, when we were exploring the city the first week, I realized that there is more than one lock bridge–there is a small one to the east of Notre Dame and another further west, by the Louvre.  The one by the Louvre is called Pont des Arts and is a footbridge and the “original” lock bridge.

I have tried looking up legends about what the Paris lock bridge started by it seems to be a trend started either in Italy or Serbia and then it spread to other European cities.  This article describes how a young Serbian couple pledged their love on a bridge (in Serbia, not Paris) before WWI but then he married someone else when he was off fighting.  This legend is sad and unfortunate so I hope I can find a more optimistic Parisian legend tied to Pont des Arts.

I knew about the bridge before leaving so I planned ahead and bought a lock that I planned to write my boyfriend, Marty’s, and my initials on.  I didn’t get the throw-the-key-in-the-Seine memo, but figured a combination lock still serves the purpose.

While the French police are said to cut down locks every so often, there was not a lot of places to put it directly on the bridge, rather than attach it to another lock already on the bridge.  I found a little spot on the east side facing Notre Dame–you can’t see our initials from the angle, but I liked the spot a lot.

Our lock is the black combination one
Our lock is the black combination one
The amazing view from our lock's spot on the Pont des Arts
The amazing view from our lock’s spot on the Pont des Arts

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