One day until the Louvre

It’s like Christmas Eve for this art history dork.  We are going to the Louvre tomorrow, which is the apotheosis of all art museums.  I have wanted to go to the Louvre since junior year of high school when I first started studying art history, and I can’t believe I’ll be able to see works like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo in person.  

I am slightly anal and like to make lists, so before I left for Paris I made this list of works that I absolutely must see tomorrow.

  • Victory of Samothrace
  • Seated Scribe
  • Coronation of Napoleon
  • La Grande Odalisque
  • Raft of the Medusa
  • Liberty Leading the People
  • Mona Lisa
  • Napoleon III apartments
  • Portrait of Louis XIV
  • Code of Hammurabi
  • Venus de Milo
  • Ramesses II
  • Oath of Horatii
  • Slave by Michelangelo
  • Oedipus and the Sphinx

I’m still looking online for other works because I don’t want to miss any that I love.  I will definitely be posting a gallery tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “One day until the Louvre

  1. Hello Kerry,

    Enjoy the Louvre tomorrow…… it is one of my most favorite places of all times!
    I am so happy for you and think of you often. XO Aunt Annette

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