Roman eats

Pizza, gelato, pasta, cappuccino…Rome is not a place where you tend to go hungry.

Ironically, we did sometimes, but that was more about convenience and trying to see as much of the city as possible.

Rome is similar to Paris in that there are restaurants everywhere. Gelaterias, pizzerias, and quaint sit down restaurants line almost every street. The only thing you can’t find is coffee to go, which is difficult when you need a cappuccino to get through the 12 hour days of traveling, and mostly walking, the city.

My first meal in Rome was just an iced coffee because I wanted authentic Italian food at every place we stopped, and the croissant sandwiches in the case were looking a little sub par. However, an old Italian man also in the small restaurant assured me that I was having “the only real iced coffee because the crap you have in America is milk and water.”

That made me feel better because I was a little skeptical at how authentic the syrupy iced coffee poured from a bottle was, but hey, when in Rome.

My first substantial meal in Rome was gelato near the trevi fountain. I got Nutella and strawberry and it was absolutely amazing. I don’t know exactly how to describe the difference between gelato and American ice cream, but this site did it pretty well.

my first gelato, nutella and strawberry, eaten in front of the Trevi fountain

We found an alcohol and cheese store near the Trevi fountain that had taste testing, so I had some mushroom truffle, cheeses, and other finger foods. They also had liqueur tasting and every flavor except the melon, which was too sour, was amazing.

The only pasta I got in Rome was gnocchi with tomato sauce, but it was rich and very fresh. All tomato products taste like the vegetable was just picked from the farm the day before, and I kept imagining the tomatoes growing in the Mediterranean sun (I can be a little dramatic)

My amazing gnocchi pomodoro, eaten with this view of the Colosseum. Life is good in Rome. 

20130708-140838.jpgAnd of course, the pizza. While I love the greasy, cheesy New York and New Jersey pizza, it has nothing on Rome’s pizza. They make it in thin, square pies that are cut, weighed, and heated up when you order. It is the perfect mix of a crispy crust and fresh ingredients. I had a Caprese pizza near the Vatican on Saturday and one with olives and peppers on Sunday. They were both absolutely amazing.

Pizza: the only food in Rome that easily travels

When you order a piece to-go, they often fold the slice in half so that it is a pizza sandwich of sorts. At first I thought this was odd but it makes it much easier to eat on the go. In fact, it was about the only food in Rome that was easy to eat while exploring the city also.

I am going to miss the taste of the tomatoes, fresh basil and especially the gelato, but am excited to return to Paris and try more French food, like escargot, quiche, and lots more crepes.

I got fancy gelato to eat my feelings after I didn’t get in to the Sistine Chapel (more on that later)
Brushetta and espresso at a cafe near the Vatican

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