Grocery Shopping

Yesterday we went to the grocery store to have some things in for breakfast, snacks, and dinner when we didn’t want to eat out.  I was excited to get some French groceries—namely cheese and wine.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought to shop; if I couldn’t read the label then it was easy enough to try to decipher what kind of food it was.

I was looking for Nutella, bananas, raspberries, wine, and lots of cheese.  I found the Nutella really easily because it is so popular in Europe.  Fun fact—they pretty much don’t eat peanut butter, Nutella is the spread of choice.

The wine selection was very large, and it was odd to be able to buy alcohol.  I am a total wine newcomer, so I bought the cheapest bottle, which was 1 euro 50, or less than $2!  I have bought more expensive water and gum in the US.

I am also a newcomer when it comes to cheese.  I know I like Brie but just experiment with other types, so I grabbed two other ones that looked pretty good.  I tried one tonight and it was good, pretty mild and creamy.

French supermarkets also do not provide paper and plastic bags, you are expected to bring your own.  The canvas bag I brought was not big enough to carry all of my groceries, so I bought a big Paris bag that will definitely get use moving to and from school.

Here’s a picture of my haul.  It cost 36 euro altogether, so not too bad if I can make it last a week or two.  However, I am already about halfway through the jar of Nutella, so it might not.

4 types of cheese, wine, and Nutella--all of the essentials
4 types of cheese, wine, and Nutella–all of the essentials

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