Today’s the day.  I am currently at JFK International Airport, Gate 11, and I’m so nervous/excited/in disbelief that my stomach is knots.  I was anxious in the car when there was traffic on the way, but check-in and security were a breeze and I have free Wi-Fi so I am very content.

I am hoping to have a blog post every day while I’m in Paris.  Even if I can’t write a whole post every day, I will at least post a picture (note to self–figure out how to post Vines on WordPress).

After some last minute additions this morning, my suitcase was able to zip (yay!) but it was five pounds overweight (boo).  However, I managed to pack for an entire month abroad in just two bags so I am very happy about that.

My dad and I before leaving for JFK.  A whole month and only two bags, look at that!
My dad and I before leaving for JFK. A whole month and only two bags, look at that!

I hope I didn’t forget anything, but I guess I’ll find that out on Monday when I am unpacking in my room.

Some things that I am currently worried about:

  • that the person sitting next to me on the plane will smell, snore, incessantly try to make small talk, or otherwise be awful to sit next to
  • or worse yet, that I will be asked to change my seat and will have an aisle seat, thus making any possibility of comfort or sleep impossible
  • that my luggage will not make it with me to Paris and will be lost forever
  • that the thunderstorms brewing in the north east will delay my flight

Things that I did during my last morning in the US:

  • put Q-tips in my bag, because I couldn’t remember if I packed them before.  Plus they have about 147 uses (only an approximation) and it is my personal belief that you can never have too many Q-tips
  • realized that I almost forgot my debit card, which would have been A Big Disaster
  • Briefly panicked when my suitcase was 4.6 pounds over the limit, which means I’ll have to pay a pretty large fee
  • had my last American meal—a ham, egg, and cheese from Paul’s, my town’s bagel store—with my family

My next post will be when I am in Europe!!


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