Creating the perfect traveling playlist

I always make playlists when I go on vacation–usually they are to be able to fall asleep easier on the car ride, but they also bring back memories of the trip.  Jag Star’s Leavin’ will always remind me of going to Quebec with my school during freshmen year of high school and Tyler Hilton’s Kiss On will remind me of summers spent at my grandparents’s house in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

I tend to make playlists that are very eclectic-some top 40, some slow songs that I can fall asleep to, a few throwbacks, and some band that I found on the internet and thought was cool.

So what’s on my playlist for Paris?

  • Hey Porsche-Nelly  –a fun song that is good to listen to when driving around and has become one of my favorite songs of the summer


  • Give me a Reason-Pink feat. Nate Ruess  –an absolutely beautiful song that I love to sing along to and has the right lyric/piano balance to fall asleep to


  • Any song by  Ed Sheeran  –because he has an absolutely beautiful voice and amazing lyrics
  • First day of my life-Bright Eyes 


  • Sweet Louise-The Belle Brigade –an incredibly sweet song about falling in love 


  • Only the Good Die Young-Billy Joel  


  • Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen –because no playlist is complete without some Bruce 

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