Welcome! (or should I say Bonjour!)

In one month and one day, I will leave JFK Airport for Paris, France (by way of Dublin, Ireland).  To say I am excited is a huge understatement, I have not been to Europe yet and cannot wait to see all of the works of art and historical sites that I have grown up studying.

I will be living in Paris for the entire month of July and taking two classes, France from Medieval to Modern: Politics, Society, and Art and Paris: The Planning of a Metropolis.  I am going through the Lehigh in Paris study abroad program, and Professor Savage of our History department will be teaching the two courses.  

The roughly fifteen students on my program and I will be living in the Canada House of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.  Our classes end on Thursday afternoon, so we have every weekend free to travel.  A group of us are definitely going to London, and I hope to also go to Rome and Normandy Beach.

I am blogging for Lehigh Study Abroad this summer, and when I return from my European adventures I continue to post my thoughts on the world on this blog (formerly found on kermall.blogspot.com).

I will be blogging about how I am preparing (especially how someone who knows zero French is practicing the language) throughout June.  Image


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